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Real Foundations

real foundations Nurturing a lifelong love of activity real foundations is a child-led approach to develop children’s physical, emotional and thinking skills through active play. This unrivalled, flexible and interactive programme is directly aligned to the EYFS framework.

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Real Foundations

Aligned with the EYFS framework

This programme focuses on the ages: 30 to 50 months and 40 to 60 months.

  • Thematic, visual, fun and engaging.
  • Flexible and intuitive to enable more child led activities.
  • 12 themes and a range of ways to explore each theme, including adventures, active stories, games, songs and wider curriculum areas (maths, reading and writing, sensory, construction, creative and surprise).
  • Clear links to the EYFS Framework, including the Prime Areas and Characteristics of Learning.
  • A child view: to engage and bring the themes to life in your setting.
  • A teacher view: to support planning and delivery
  • Understanding the importance of Fundamental Movement Skills and the progression of skills in real foundations, including their alignment to the EYFS framework
  • How to support the development of positive behaviours and nurture a positive relationship with physical activity using Jasmine – your real PE platforms
  • Exploring real foundations flexibly to maximise and personalise learning across the curriculum
    • How to use physical development as the driver for children's learning


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