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Ellie-Bea Thomas

Ellie – Bea is a gymnast and trains at Lings Gymnastics Sports Academy which is located in Earls Barton. She attends sessions for disabled people held at the club every Saturday afternoon 12 – 1:45pm where they work on all aspects of the sport.

Ellie specialises in rhythmic gymnastics which involves performing routines with a variety of equipment including a ball, hoop, ribbon, rope and clubs.

She competes in competitions against other gymnasts from around the country and also Special Olympics events which are for people with learning disabilities. Most recently Ellie competed for Great Britain at the Special Olympics European Championships which were held in Slovakia and she won a total of six silver medals.

Ellie enjoys the social aspect of being involved in gymnastics and has made lots of friends through the sport both at the club and competitions she's competed in. She loves performing routines to the music and entertaining people with her skills.

Another part of Ellie's role at the club is to help new gymnasts settle in. As one of the oldest and most experienced members she's able to put the new members at ease, support them through sessions and ensure they know what to do. This increases their confidence and happiness which reduces drop out levels at the club.

Ellie is a strong believer that disabled people can do anything if they try and this certainly comes across in her 'See Active Be Active' film. Gymnastics has given her a positive mind set and increased her confidence, so knows that if she works hard at something then she believes that this will be rewarded with success.

Ellie's advice to other disabled people is to give gymnastics a try, so if anyone would like to find out more about the club she attends then you can do so on their website.

If you'd like to find out more about gymnastics opportunities in general for disabled people and find other clubs available then have a look at the British Gymnastics website.

Finally if you have a learning disability and would be interested in competing at Special Olympics competitions as Ellie does then have a look at the Special Olympics Great Britain website for more information on what they can offer.


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