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Coaching Disability Sport

Following the success of the 2012 GB Paralympic Team, more disabled people than ever are looking to participate in sport. . As a coach - would you feel confident in adapting your coaching sessions where necessary to help include disabled participants in them?

To assist Coaches in doing this 'sports coach UK' have compiled some fact sheets covering a variety of disabilities and impairments. These provide information about the disability/impairment itself and suggest how your session could be adapted if necessary to include people with them, in order to offer a high quality, and inclusive experience.

The EFDS (English Federation for Disability Sport) and Sainsbury's are currently working in partnership to offer FREE training to schools, specifically targeting PE Teachers.
A community based course for sports coaches is also currently under development by the same partners. For further information about both of these potential opportunities to make your teaching/coaching more inclusive of disabled people, please visit the EFDS website.


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