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Coach2Coach - Coach Buddy Scheme

Find a Coaching Buddy / Become a Coaching Buddy

Coaches are the backbone to making sport happen, without coaches, many people would not have the opportunity to be involved in sport. Whilst coaching can be very rewarding, it can also be challenging and therefore buddying up with someone in a similar position can be very useful. Just to bounce ideas and questions off each other rather than struggling at it alone. It can help a coach develop, identify where their coaching will take them and next steps.

One simple method to help coaches feel supported is to identify a buddy. Someone you can call upon and ask questions to – however big or small.

What is a Coach Buddy?

Buddying up is essentially peer to peer mentoring, offering your time (and in turn gaining support in return) to chat about your coaching or whatever form of leading you are involved in. This could be over the phone, whatsapp, a coffee or social media - whatever suits you and your buddy best. A buddy is someone who will listen and understand you, they may also need support and encouragement from you if you're at similar points in your coaching journey.

Being a good buddy doesn't necessarily mean having years of coaching experience, its about being approachable and being able to talk through issues, dilemmas and questions with someone in the same boat as you.

What are the benefits of having a coaching buddy?

Our very own Sarah Harvey underwent her Certificate in Running Fitness through England Athletics in 2016 and found having someone in a similar situation to talk to invaluable:

'I was keen to complete my Jog Leader training and so in 2016 I signed up to take my CiRF qualification. It is quite a lengthy course which requires course work and the attendance of face to face workshops but I had wanted to do it for a while so I was determined to complete it!

Someone I know through the Jog Northants programme achieved her CiRF the previous year and her support was priceless in helping me get through the course. I found it so useful to be able to just drop someone a text when I had a question or I wasn't sure about something. It wasn't a formal set up, just a couple of mates checking in with each other but it gave me confidence in what I was doing and enabled me to get answers quickly from someone who was keen to help (and wouldn't judge!!)

I would recommend this sort of scheme to anyone who is nervous about completing their coaching qualification or would just like a little bit of support the way through because it can be a bit daunting, especially when you haven't done anything like this before and your club are counting on you!'

How do I find a buddy? / How do I become a buddy?

Step 1 - Fill out the online form below which should only take a couple of minutes

Step 2 – Someone from Northamptonshire Sport will be in touch to help you identify a suitable buddy

Step 3 - Make contact with your buddy

Step 4 – Enjoy the benefits of having someone to talk to!

We will be accepting applications to the programme from Monday 19th June and the official Coach2Coach launch will take place on 27th September at One Angel Square!

Coach2Coach Expression of Interest Form

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01604 366 976

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