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Challenge of the Month Resources

As part of the School Games programme, schools are actively encouraged to engage all children in physical activity and school sport. In 2017, the Personal Challenge was introduced to help children, who may be reluctant in more formal sports settings, get involved in physical activity through trying to beat their personal best

To support schools with this, we will be running a series of Challenge of the Month Competitions where children can develop a certain skill in our sport-themed activites. Each of the activities has been tied in with a local, national or international sporting event and allows children to take part multiple times to try and raise their personal best.

Each activity has been designed with your Sports Leaders in mind. The required equipment has been kept to a minimum and all activities have a Challenge Poster, Sports Crew Leaders Information Card and Score Sheet to help the Young Leaders take ownership of running the activities throughout the school day.

Challenge of the Month Resource Pack


This year, we have made a few changes to the Challenge of the Month resources.

MULTIPLE CHALLENGES - each month now has three separate challenges for children to take part in. By including three challenges, it encourages your Young Leaders to incorporate more planning into their delivery - what activity shall we run? shall we run different activities to different year groups? This allows them to take more ownership over their sessions and encourages student voice.

SPIRIT OF THE GAMES AWARDS - to help maximise the Spirit of the Games values within the challenges, we have introduced a monthly Values focus with each monthly Challenge Wall Poster. There is a clear description of what that values looks like and we have includes printable sticker and mini-certificate templates which can be awarded during or after the challenges.

FULL YEAR RESOURCE PACK - Following feedback from staff last year, we have put together one Challenge of the Month resource pack for schools to download for the whole academic year. By doing this, we hope that schools will be better prepared to support their Young Leaders to deliver the activities to the rest of the school throughout the year.


This resource pack is only available to schools within the South Northants and Daventry SSP and schools who wish to access the resource must complete the short form below. Upon completion of the form, a member of the SSP staff will contact you via email with a web link to download the Resource Pack from.

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