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NGB recommendations for Safeguarding and DBS Checks of Active Coaches

It has been highlighted that there are still questions around Disclosure and Barring Service Checks (DBS) and Safeguarding training requirements for Coaches delivering in schools so we have included a collection of information below which we hope you will find useful.

The document below has been compiled by Northamptonshire Sport to identify the Safeguarding requirements recommended by the National Governing Bodies (NGB's) of Sport for their active coaches. The first and second columns highlight the NGB's willingness to accept the new Multi-skills 'Time to Listen' course. If you look at the subsequent columns, you will notice that not many recommend that this course is undertaken as part of either the Clubmark or Coach License scheme but is a suggested option for Coach CPD.

The third column indicates the requirements the NGB's for their sports clubs to be awarded Clubmark.

The fourth and fifth identify the criteria that the NGB insists on for the coach to be recorded on their Coach License scheme. Please note that NGB's often operate two schemes - the Coach Registration scheme which does not require the coach to have obtained any other qualification than their coaching award, whereas, the Coach License scheme often require for the coach to have also undergone safeguarding training, a DBS check etc. (details included in the document).

A Coach License card (see right) from a National Governing Body of Sport may be presented by a coach on employment and we think it is important in this case to understand what this means for each coach as the requirements for each NGB to be part of their scheme tends to vary.

If you have any questions about what you have read above, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Disclosure and Barring Service Checks

We would always recommend that Coaches in Schools have an up to date DBS check (in accordance with the guidelines here). More recently confusion has stemmed from Schools employing coaches via a coaching provider and the rights the school then has to perform their own DBS check, or to view the current DBS certificate.

For further information on Safeguarding Children in Schools, click here for the latest Department for Education document: Keeping Children Safe in Schools: Statutory Guidance for Schools and Colleges.


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