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Falls Prevention

Getting more active is a great way of helping to prevent falls. We rely on our balance to keep us upright when we over-reach or trip, but as we age our balance reaction times get slower and so do our reflexes. We also lose some of our muscle strength.

Being active is not just about doing exercise, but also incorporating more activity into your day to day life. In particular, exercise to target balance and strength will help to keep you on your feet and reduce your risk of having a fall, such as walking, gardening and fitness classes.

If you are over 65 and feel a little unsteady on your feet and / or have concerns about balance and mobility then the OTAGO Exercise programme could be beneficial.

Keep Fit

Expand your skills, make friends and have fun. Whether you'd like to learn how to go online, find out more about local history, improve your fitness or simply get out of the house and meet people, there's a local course or activity that's right for you.

Age UK Northamptonshire provides a variety of courses and activities for local older people.

Walking Football

If you thought your football career was over, think again! Walking Football is a slower paced version of the game, aimed at the over 50s. Smaller pitches and plenty of breaks ensure participants enjoy a safe and enjoyable return to football. The slower pace doesn't detract from the competition though – it's much more than a stroll in the park!

There are lots of Walking Football Sessions are taking place all across the Northamptonshire which you can find here or through our Activity Finder search


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