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Active Schools Week 2019

Monday 1st - Friday 5th April 2019

Following its success across the district last year, Active Schools Week will once again be returning in 2019 between Monday 1st April and Friday 5th April.

As part of the week, schools are encouraged to embrace the challenge of turning their school into an Active School, embracing physical activity as a tool for enhancing learning.

Ideas could include:

  • Active Travel - Walk/Cycle/Scoot to School
  • Active Breaks - try to break up the amount of time children are sitting down by taking part in a short activity/task. GoNoodle, BBC SuperMovers and Cosmic Kids Yoga are some good websites to visit for ideas.
  • Active Lessons - can you make the lessons interactive and full of movement? Could you take the lesson outside of the classroom. Why not sign up to some sample materials from Maths of the Day or iMoves Active Schools.
  • Active Lunchtimes - try a range of different activities, such as individual personal challenges like skipping and hula hooping or event competitions, like a Staff vs. Year 6 Football match! Visit www.YourSchoolGames.comfor lunchtime play activities, competitions and challenges!

Is your school an Active School?

Use Active School Week as the perfect opportunity to assess how physically active your curriculum is? Use the Activity Heatmap below or the visit www.ActiveSchoolPlanner.org and see how active your classroom is.

Going for School Games Mark Silver or Gold?

Did you know that to achieve Silver and Gold School Games Marks, you must complete at least one heatmap on the Active School Planner website? If you are going for Gold, you must also be able to show how your school is demonstrating principles of an Active School?

Why not take the Activity Heat Maps to your staff meeting and get everyone to complete one? Then discuss what your strengths and weaknesses are - could you have a go and try something new during Active School Week?

Active School Week Challenge

The 2018 Active Lesson pledge count:

58 Active Lessons

To celebrate Active Schools Week, we are challenging our amazing teaching staff across the district to get their pupils up and moving as part of their daily learning.

Our Active School Challenge will see schools tasked with planning and delivering 'active lessons' during the schools day. These lessons will see students becoming active and on their feet for a minimum of 50% of their normal classroom lesson time. The challenge will encourage teaching staff to consider their role in promoting active lifestyles and minimising sedentary behaviour within the school environment.

Participating schools will be invited to pledge a number of active lessons they have delivered during the week which will contribute to a district total. We are challenging the district as a whole to respond to our call to arms and see if they help us beat last year's target of 58 Active Lessons across all schools and create as many hours of active learning as possible and enhance children' learning whilst boosting physical activity.

Make your pledge now

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