Active Lives Survey

Active Lives Children and Young People provides a world-leading approach to gathering data on how children engage with sport and physical activity.

Information for Schools

Active Lives Children and Young People provides a world-leading approach to gathering data on how children engage with sport and physical activity.

It gives anyone working with children aged 5-16 key data to help understand children's attitudes and behaviours around sport and activity.

By contributing to the Active Lives Children and Young People Survey you will increase the understanding of how children and young people engage with sport and physical activity.

How does the survey work?

Schools selected to take part will be contacted by Northamptonshire Sport, usually the School Sport Manager for the School Sports Partnership the school is in.

One class in up to three different year groups are asked to complete the questionnaires.

A minimum of 30 pupils and one member of staff are required to complete the questionnaire, across the 3 years groups. Schools can survey more than the 3 classes / year groups if they wish to do so but if that is the case the school needs to contact Northamptonshire Sport.

The survey can be done at any point in the relevant term, depending on what works best for the school involved.

Schools will be given a survey pack containing the resources required to successfully complete the pupil and teacher questionnaires, including letters to parents, pupil information sheets and school report templates.

What does the questionnaire involve?

The questionnaires have been designed to be simple and enjoyable for pupils to complete and are tailored to different age groups. They can be completed on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and, during the Covid-19 pandemic period, on mobile phones and take approx. 20 minutes to complete. One teacher is also required to complete a 10-minute survey in order to give some broader context to the pupils' responses.

For the youngest pupils in Years 1 and 2, parents are required to fill out a questionnaire to give more information about their child's physical activity behaviours. Some schools may, therefore, be asked to let parents know about this.

What are the benefits to schools?

Each school that takes part will receive;

  • A bespoke report - summarising their own results from the survey. The report covers measures of children's activity levels, physical literacy, swimming proficiency, wellbeing, self-efficacy and levels of social trust. It gives staff evidence and insight into how their school is performing in terms of engaging its pupils in sport and physical activity. These are not published or used to compare schools, but are purely designed for the benefit of the individual school.

If a school meets the minimum number of surveys (30) they will receive:

  • A bespoke report (as above)
  • £100 sports equipment voucher to thank them for their involvement in the study

If a school meets the minimum number of surveys (30) and a teacher completes the teacher survey the school will receive:

  • A bespoke report & £100 sports equipment voucher (as above)
  • A national 'Healthy Schools Rating' - this is the only way to be awarded with this national quality mark.

Completing the survey voluntarily

As well as providing data for the official statistics via random selection, the survey can be completed voluntarily by schools 'opting in'.

Schools that 'opt in' to the survey do not receive a cash payment for completing it, but do receive a bespoke report summarising their survey responses, providing at least 30 pupils complete questionnaires.

Find out more

For further information about the survey or opting in, please contact Gary Sheppard.

Gary Sheppard

Assistant Director

Northamptonshire Sport

Gary looks after: Everything under the remit of Children and Young People. I also look after liaison with Football, Cricket and Badminton national governing bodies

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