Active Chats

For those who struggle to get to a Get Up & Go class for various reasons such as transport, isolating or maybe its just not for them - we are looking to provide a similar service over the phone through local befrienders.

What Is Active Chats?

Why Active Chats?

The Coronavirus Pandemic has left a lot of older adults, socially isolated due to shielding at home. This has led to reduction in their physical activity levels, which has had a deconditioning effect on many older adults. Some older adults have also lost their confidence to go out to their usual groups and exercise classes and therefore have become more sedentary.

What is Active Chats?

Active Chats is a new project which matches isolated older adults with trained befrienders. The befrienders calls the older adult for a chat and talks them through some gentle seated exercises. The phone calls are weekly and are social and friendly. The exercises are seated to avoid falls and focus on helping the older adults to move all their major joint and muscle groups to promote mobility and reduce muscle wastage.

To get the project going

We're on the lookout for local befrienders and volunteers who can carry out a weekly telephone or virtual video conversation with someone who is lonely, shielding or isolated. The aim of the call is to take individuals through a suggested conversation around being active while at home using the resources provided.

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