Active Advent - 21st - 24th December Resources

Tuesday 22nd December - Christmas Curling

Curling is a Winter Olympic favourite and unless you have access to an ice rink and your own set of curling stones, Flick Curling is a great version of the game you can play in the comfort of your own home without getting cold!

All you need to do to play at home is find up to 8 bottle tops or glass jar lids and download and print our Flick Curling Target above or make your own using whatever you have available. Make sure you set up your game on a smooth surface like the kitchen floor or a table top.


Create your own start line and flick your objects towards the target. For all those that land on the target in the scoring areas, add up your points together. Remember, only count the area which the object is placed in the most. Then, try again and see if you can beat your personal best!


You could play the same game as above but challenge your playing partner to see who can get the most points over 3 ends. One end is when you have each played all of your objects into the playing area.

Alternatively, you could play a real game of Curling over a number of ends (1, 3 or 5). Take turns to flick your objects towards to target. After you have taken all of your turns, see who is the closest to the middle and add up each object that is closer then your playing partner's nearest. For this game, you only get one point per object.

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