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Oundle Primary School - WINNERS

PE Premium has been used to fund interventions to help children unconfident in PE to access opportunities and to up skill all teachers in teaching PE. An Outdoor gym was funded to allow children to be more active during the day, there has been an increase in activity clubs and take up of the clubs and links to community groups has seen good progression from school to community.

The Bliss Charity School

A School Games Mark Gold school that has used the PE Premium to provide swimming for all year 4 and 5 pupils, enable all pupils to take part in break and lunch time clubs, 72% of pupils access free extra-curricular clubs and have established a healthy breakfast / healthy eating snack shop.

Priors Hall - A Learning Community

The school has increased the range of activities and number of children participating in after school activities and has also made them cheaper to attend. An activity trail has been installed, teachers' up skilled, engagement with the school games increased and children are active for 30 minutes a day.

St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

The school provides all pupils with 2 hours of PE, with a highly skilled and well trained workforce. Young Leaders are developed and deployed to help clubs such as the well attended Change 4 Life club which reflects the school's promotion of healthy active lifestyles, including 30 active minutes for all children.

Raunds Park Infant School

The school provides all children with 30 active minutes a day. It has purchased new playground equipment and a scooter rack to promote active travel to school, bought 30 activity trackers that are worn by a class for a week with a star stepper award given. The school was awarded an AFPE Quality mark.


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