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3-2-1 Running Route

3-2-1 is a Run England's project which aims to provide a range of marked out running or jogging routes across the country that anyone can have a go at. It's a way of providing a meaningful challenge to help more people to get running when it best suits them.

In Northamptonshire we have launched a 3-2-1 route at Stanwick Lakes, Stanwick, Northants, NN9 6GY. There is a 3, 2 and 1 mile route to follow, - suitable target distances for anyone who wishes to have a go!

Tips for Using the Route

•Find a group to run with - running with one of our groups makes running more fun, you make new friends and a qualified leader's advice can help you get the most from your running

•Look out for any hazards or obstacles - whether it is a tree root or a parked car the sooner you spot them the easier it is to avoid them. Your run will be less affected by them and you will be safer. Take all the personal safety precautions you normally would apply when on foot

•Be aware of traffic - don't take risks. On some routes you may have a choice of points at which to cross a road so doing it when the road is quietest and you have the best view of traffic is safer and less disruptive to your run

•Don't drown out sounds - headphones are popular but make sure you are aware of the sounds in your surroundings that can give you early warning of hazards

•Make sure you are visible - motorists will see you sooner and more clearly, and pedestrians are more likely to spot you and give you a clear run


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