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Howard Wilkinson - WINNER

A tireless volunteer for over 40 years, holding a number of roles, including Club President for the last 5 years. He has progressed from parent to committee member to pool side official. He is a senior referee and regularly manages competitions and officials on behalf of Corby Swimming Club and Northamptonshire Swimming. He continues to train swimming officials, over 30 already this year. He has also organised two national swimming meets this year to help raise funds for the club.

Tom Sellers

Tom has held many roles at Kettering Hockey Club, including coach to the juniors for 27 years, club treasurer, social secretary, bar steward, club house manager as well as President of Northants Hockey. Tom was instrumental in the club achieving Clubs 1st in 2005, the club would not be where it is today without Tom. Whilst he has now retired from admin duties, Tom still plays Hockey

Julie Walsh

Julie has been the Recreational Programme Manager at NTGA for over 30 years. She has coached thousands of members, of all ages and abilities, and is a key reason why the club has successful retained members over the years. She has also mentored countless coaches, passing on her enthusiasm and knowledge for the sport. She is the chair of the NTGA fundraising committee and has raised thousands of pounds for the club.

Jackson White

World master Jackson White (8th degree Black belt) is an inspiration to many and has been involved in Martial arts for 50 years, initially as a participant but opened his first school in 1980. He has since grown his schools across Northamptonshire (and other areas of the country). Jackson still competes and recently won the 2018 World Sparring Championship, and he continues to train and develop martial artists, holding legendary status amongst his peers.


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