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Malcolm Arnold Academy - WINNER

A School games Mark Gold school, MMA continues to offer high quality PE and after school provisions. On average, 609 students attend clubs each week, with 40 girls accessing netball and over 100 attending football. The school ran over 242 fixtures last year and have had a number of student's access national representative sport. The school also has a focus on leadership and have provided support to a number of local competitions and Primary school partners. 100% of pupils passed the BTEC Level 2 & 3 courses, with over 70% achieving distinctions.

Kettering Buccleuch Academy

The PE department at the school has continued to excel both in the theoretical aspects and the extracurricular provision. A level results were in the top 10% nationally, with 50% achieving a B grade or higher. Extracurricular opportunities continue to rise with 452 different students attending after school clubs and over 28471 lunch time attendance throughput was achieved.


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