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The Talent Inspiration Programme (TIP) offers the opportunity of a lifetime to a select group of outstanding young athletes and team managers. These are the very best athletes who consistently demonstrate outstanding qualities on and off the field. Practical and theory sessions are delivered by ex Olympic athletes or international players and experienced Team Managers; making the experience very exciting and unique. Local Organising Committee's (LOCs) are invited to nominate one male, one female and one young disabled athlete.

The TIP has three distinct aims:

  • Enable young people to gain a clear understanding of their talent and specifically how they can harness this when they return to their school
  • Provide young people with an insight into what it is like to compete or team manage at a major multi-sport event
  • Introduce the young people to new experiences through the opportunity to work with other like minded young people from across the country

Talent Inspiration Programme 2015

The Talent Inspiration Programme (TIP) will bring together 200 young aspiring athletes and 75 young team managers from across the country to participate in an intense three day residential camp. Taking place in Manchester from 2 - 4 September, TIP is designed to inspire young aspiring athletes and encourage them to start thinking about how they can reach their sporting potential.

Consisting of theoretical workshops, practical sessions and the opportunity to experience what it is like to be an athlete or team manager at the Sainsbury's 2015 School Games, TIP will highlight the talent pathways available and support required for young aspiring athletes and team managers to achieve their potential. Schools will be invited to nominate young people for TIP and further details about the programme, selection criteria and application process will follow later this term.

The Northamptonshire Talent Inspiration Programme (TIP) details are attached. As a county we can send 3 athletes to the National School Games in September to represent Northamptonshire.

Please find attached documents relating to the TIP programme and nomination forms.

We are able to send the following:

Athletes – Current year 8 – 10 – therefore 9 – 11 in September 2015; for disabled athletes year 8 – 12 (9 – 13 in September 2015)

  • 1 x male
  • 1 x female
  • 1 x disabled athlete

We also put forward 3 reserves

Team Managers - Current year 8 – 10 – therefore 9 – 11 in September 2015; for disabled athletes year 8 – 12 (9 – 13 in September 2015)

Six young people, currently in School Years 8-10 (School Years 8-12 for young disabled people)

  • 3 male
  • 3 female

Plus 2 reserves

Can all nominees please be emailed back to Gary Sheppard on gsheppard@northamptonshire.gov.uk


01604 366 976

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