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Yr 4/5/6 Able & Talented Multiskill Academy - Session 1

Wed, 02 Nov 2016 12:55

Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6 Able and Talented Multiskill Academy: Session 1

Date: Tuesday 25th October 2016 Venue: Northampton Academy

Year 4 Participation: 23 Year 5 participation: 21 Year 6 participation: 10

Activity 1: Warm Up & 'Getting to know each other'

Athletics Warm-Up: The pupils were taken through a series of athletic style warm up skills and drills, primarily to enable staff to familiarise themselves with the level of skill and ability of the pupils. The drills ranged from walking on toes with running arms to hop scotch with alternating legs and running arms. Most of the drills were performed both forwards and backwards, because very few sports require someone just to move in a forward direction.

1-2-3: Pupils started the game by taking it in turns to alternately say the numbers 1, 2, 3 in a continuous cycle. Gradually each number was replaced by a movement and the pairs started to perform a sequence. This tasked their cognitive and social ability as they had to quickly recall the sequence, yet work with someone they didn't know.

Connect 3: The Year 6 pupils were tasked with leading this activity; the only instructions they were given were what equipment to use, the basic principle that a team had to get 3 in a row to win and it had to be organised in the style of a relay. The Year 6 pupils did a fantastic job keeping all pupils on tasking, whilst adding a great deal of challenge and enjoyment to the game.

Multi-Ability Cogs: Personal, Social, Cognitive, Creative & Physical

Activity 2: Multi-abilities Assessment

Many primary schools in Northampton and across Northamptonshire have adopted the Real PE product, and the product is endorsed by Northamptonshire Sport.

The real PE programme provides fun and simple to follow Schemes of Work and support for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 practitioners that give them the confidence and skills to deliver outstanding PE. It is fully aligned to the new National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements and focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning through a unique and market leading approach to teaching and learning in PE.

The assessment was a fairly informal process and involved personal and peer assessment. Pupils were given a set of real PE FUN's cards that increased in difficulty, and pupils were asked to independently work their way through the cards, but to be honest with themselves when they thought their limits had been reached – as staff we always toil with if this is the best way to deliver this element of the programme but go with the approach that children have to at some stage start to process information for themselves and to learn to be honest with themselves.

The data from the assessment will now be evaluated and each pupil will be given a personal plan to support them in their development.

Multi-Ability Cogs: Personal, Social, Cognitive, Creative & Physical

Activity 3: Basketball (Red Team)

Club Link: www.nebctitans.co.uk/

Wow...what an incredible session! The session was led by Barry Powell, Junior Coaching Director at Northamptonshire ELITE Basketball Club and some student players from schools and colleagues across Northamptonshire. While Barry led the session the pupils were sub divided into smaller groups that were led by the current club players. These players were an inspiration to the pupils, providing them with high quality knowledge and expertise whilst providing them with the enthusiasm and motivation to keep trying. The session was delivered at a fast pace but this did not jeopardise the quality of the session, and the rosy cheeks and sheer enjoyment on the pupils faces was testament to their willingness and determination to achieve something from this session.

Multi-Ability Cogs: Physical, Creative, Social

Activity 3: Judo (Green Team)

Club Link: www.northamptosnhiresport.org

When the Green Team were told what their activity would be for the afternoon there was mixed emotions within the group; some were very eager to throw each other about whilst others more reserved! To give the pupils a realistic experience of a Judo session Dave introduced the group to a number of phrases and etiquettes of the sport, and the pupils were expected to incorporate these throughout the session. Early into the session they were shown how to 'throw' their partner onto the floor (parents please don't be alarmed they were shown the correct holding techniques and we were on Judo mats at all times!). When I revisited the group later in the session they were wresting in pairs (on their knees) to practice 'holding' their opponent to score points, and to everyone's surprise a Year 5 girls was crowned wrestling champion. The session conclude with the pupils being able to get their own back on Dave and each pupils had the opportunity to throw Dave over their shoulder. There were lots of smiling faces, and all had given this new experience every bit of effort they had.

Multi-Ability Cogs: Physical, Cognitive, Social


If I can be honest with you I was a little taken aback by the sheer number of keen and enthusiastic pupils we had turn up this morning, and I was a little worried by what we had let ourselves in for with such a large group – we have now been running the programme for the last 3 years and have built up the programme over the years, but this is the biggest group of pupils we have had by far. I really had nothing to worry about as all the pupils fully engaged in the activities and tasks they were presented with, and despite many being out of the comfort zone they were willing to give things a go even if they failed on their first attempt and so we couldn't have asked for more from them.

20 Million Steps Competition - £500 prize

Thu, 01 Sep 2016 14:50

Northamptonshire County Council have some great prizes to give away for those schools who manage to clock up the highest number of steps, with prizes for top two Primary Schools (including infant and Junior) and top two Secondary Schools)

  • 1st Place: £500 worth of vouchers towards sports equipment
  • 2nd Place: £250 worth of vouchers towards sports equipment

To provide an even playing field, and ensure the competition is inclusive of all schools the highest number of steps will be calculated by adding a schools total number of accumulated steps divided by number of pupils on role (Reception to Yr 6 & Staff or Yr 7 to Year 13 & Staff).

For example NSport Primary School accumulate 20,000 steps, have 120 pupils on the school role and 30 members of staff working at the school - 20,000/150 = 133 steps.


2016/ 17 Primary School Games Calendar Launched

Thu, 01 Sep 2016 10:35

The 2016/17 Calendar of Opportunities is now live for the schools to participate in. The calendar is still waiting for some KS1 dates and additional Change4Life Festival details.

We have introduced an easier system for entry which should allow schools to track how many teams you have entered into each competition (except cross countries)

Through consultation deadlines for entries will be introduced. Schools will need to enter one term in advance and will only be able to enter that terms events.

Competitions in:

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Deadline for entries:

23rd September 2016

21st October 2016

16th December 2016

10th February 2017

31st March 2017

26th May 2017

An awful lot of time and resources are currently being wasted by schools withdrawing at late notice and failing to turn up to competitions/events organised by the Partnership. It not only causes problems to the core staff, but it also affects the other schools involved in the competition/event.

Therefore schools who fail to give at least 48 hours' notice to withdraw or fail to turn up will be fined £25. This will be ring-fenced to go towards the cost of equipment and certificates for 2017/18.

Real PE Workshops for All Schools

Thu, 14 Jul 2016 13:34

Northamptonshire Sport in Partnership with Create Development are facilitating the following workshop:

real PE

real PE is a fun and simple to follow Scheme of Work and support for Early Years and Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 practitioners

real PE is developed by Create Development and is fully aligned with the National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements, not only does it focus on Agility, Balance and Coordination and Healthy Competition it is also designed to work on the children's personal, social, creative and cognitive skills with the objective of creating independent learners.

If you want to see real PE in action please take a look at our short video and/or if you are interested in the impact real PE has in schools please click on the link below.


We have a real PE three day workshop on the following dates;

Day 1 is on Monday 27th September 2016

Day 2 is on Monday 21st November 2016

Day 3 is on Monday 16th Jan 2017

Each delegate will receive the interactive Schemes of Work for their year group; supporting resources, with clear learning journeys, integrate the assessment framework and tools to evidence and celebrate rapid sustained progress.

Cost for the workshops, including interactive Scheme of Work and supporting resources is; £495.00+VAT

To book click on the link: http://www.northamptonshiresport.org/training-courses/2016/09/real-pe-eysks1-andks2-three-day-course1

If you would like any more information please contact

Tony Stewart


01604 366170

07709 399321


01604 366 976

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