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Latest Sports News from across the Schools

level 2 KS2 Inclusive Archery Competition

Thu, 02 Jun 2016 19:29

The Partnership delivered two Level 2 KS2 Inclusive Archery Competitions this year due to the demand from schools to enter the competition. The first of the competitions were held back on the 13th April 2016 at Duston Sports Centre, whilst the second competition was held more recently on the 25th May 2016 at Danes Camp Leisure Centre.

The Inclusive competition format is the same as that applied to the mainstream competition, the only difference is each team must include a minimum of 3 pupils with Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND)

The quality of the competition on both occasions was a very good standard, and whilst the pupils understood it was a Level 3 qualification competition, there was a really nice, clam and friendly atmosphere at both the competitions.


1st: Lings Primary School*

2nd: Boothville Primary School

3rd: Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School

*School qualifies for the Level 3 School Games

Level 2 Year 4/5 Take 6 Mini Basketball Competition

Thu, 02 Jun 2016 19:16

On Wednesday 27th April 2016 our Level 2 Year 4/5 Take 6 Mini Basketball competition was hosted over three sites; The Duston School, Malcolm Arnold Academy and Northampton School for Girls, due to the demand from schools to enter.

The quality of competition of a very high standard across the competition sites. To select the final two schools to qualify for the Level 3 School Games, the winners of each competition site were invited to participate in a play off, which again was of a particularly high standard.


1st: Delapre Primary School*

2nd: Earl Spencer Primary School*

3rd: Thorplands Primary School

*Schools qualify for the Level 3 School Games

Npton SSP Multiskill Academy pupils bowled over by opportunity

Wed, 01 Jun 2016 10:25

Activity 1: Athletics

Teacher in Charge: Miss Lawrence

Having to make a change to the programme last minute due to facility issues, the pupils participated in an outdoor athletics session. The session focused on Relays (particularly baton change overs) and a development exercise for the Javelin.

Relays: the technique of baton change overs was introduced to the group and the group were given a series of exercises to practice in small groups. The exercise also incorporated an element of endurance training, although the pupils will slightly oblivious to this element due the style of activity delivery. This section concluded with a Linear Relay challenge.

Javelin: Vortex Howlers are commonly used as a teaching aid to develop javelin throwing techniques. The pupils were taken slowly through the foot, body and arm positions and then given the opportunity to practice this. This section concluded with a Howler Challenge, where points were scored for the distance the howler was thrown.

Multi-Ability Cogs: Physical, Social & Personal

Activity 2: Puzzle solving

Teacher in charge: Miss Lawrence

The pupils were presented with a large wooden maze and a Table Tennis Ball. The only instructions they were given initially was that they had to get the ball from the identified start zone round to final section. Both groups attacked the task in hand with little group discussion prior to starting. The groups experienced some success, managing to get the ball half way round the maze.

The groups were stopped and asked to discuss in their groups if they needed to amend any aspect of their team cohesion; Group 1 were happy with their method, however Group 2 decided that each member of the group should be responsible for talking when the ball entered their section of the maze. On reflection Group 2 experienced the greatest amount of success. The task was changed, and the groups were asked to reverse the direction of the ball (from the finish to the start). Group 1 continue to demonstrate a whole team approach, whereby Group 2's approach of one leaders per section provided the group with greatest success – they managed to get the ball round the entire board without it falling out!

Multi-Ability Cogs: Cognitive, Social, Personal

Activity 3: Indoor Bowls

Teacher in charge: Northampton & District Bowls Coaches

The group travelled to the Northampton & District Indoor Bowls Club in Northampton for their first off site visit – what a great experience we all had!

Unlike many externally delivered sessions, there were very few instructions given to the pupils – the Club Coach provided the pupils with a few key pointers before the group was spilt between 5 rinks. Each rink was manned by a club coach who provided the pupils with techniques and tips whilst they played. About an hour of active tuition was given before each rink embarked on a small competition. The session concluded with a 'mass bowl'. A 10p was placed in the middle of the Green, whilst all the pupils were positioned around the edge of the green. At the same time all the pupils bowled their wood to try and get it to stop closest to the 10p – this was a great end to the session with several of the pupils winning Mars Bars for their efforts! All the pupils agreed that actually playing the game was a lot harder than they had anticipated. The effort and concentration displayed by all the pupils was highly commendable and despite the difficulty level of the sport no one gave up and they all strived to succeed.

Thanks go to Northampton & District Indoor Bowls Club for their warm welcome and providing the pupils with a wonderful opportunity.

Multi-Ability Cogs: Cognitive, Personal


Today's session concluded the 2015/2016 Able & Talented Multiskill Academy programme. Parents were invited to attend a short presentation where the pupils shared with them the aspects of the programme they had enjoyed and the skills and attributes they learnt or improved. The pupils made evaluation boards which they annotated with photos and comments about the programme, and a group evaluation was also conducted to support the planning of future Academy sessions.

Young Leaders Conference 2016

Tue, 31 May 2016 19:23

On Friday 15th April 2016 over 80 Year 5 pupils went to Benham Sports Arena for the annual Enhanced Schools Young Leaders Conference. The theme for this years conference was Change4Life, with the event supported by staff from Northamptonshire Sport and the Partnership. The day was split into two sections; Planning and delivering a C4L session and promoting C4L at your school either using the C4L toolkits or promotion of a C4L Sports Club in your school.

The Young Leaders were so excited to have been chosen by their school to attend this event, that the day oozed with energy, ideas, motivation and determination. There was some great ideas shared between the pupils and their schools. The planning and delivery of the day ensured the pupils could return to their school with some short term achievable goals, and a plan that would support them to develop their ideas into the next academic year.

School Games Mark 2015/2016 Application Window opens

Tue, 31 May 2016 19:08

What is the School Games Mark?

The School Games Mark is owned and created by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and is implemented and developed by the Youth Sport Trust and Sport England.

The Mark rewards school for their commitment to and the development of competition, school sport and physical education and was first launched in June 2012 via the School Games website.

All schools in England who are registered on www.yourschoolgames.com can apply for a School Games Mark via their school dashboard.

When and where can I apply for the Mark?

The online application window for 2015/16 will be open on Wednesday 3rd June 2016 until Wednesday 30 September - although it is strongly recommended that you apply before the Summer Holidays.

What if my school has achieved a previous Mark?

The Mark is an annual award and must be reapplied for each year. The schools previous award will be archived on both the school dashboard and the SGO dashboard.

What do I receive when I achieve a gold, silver or bronze award?

If your school achieves the School Games Mark you will be able to download the official logo and School Games Mark certificate. All pennants and plaques (Gold level only) will be sent to your School Games Organiser.

What is verification and what is validation?

The verification process ensures that the data submitted in your Mark application reflects the provision of PE, school sport and competition in your school. At all levels of the award verification takes place via the schools head teacher and the SGO, who will read through the application and confirm the award.

Some applications will be selected as part of a formal, external validation exercise by the Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC). This will involve a visit to the school to audit the application. If your application is chosen for validation you will receive automatic confirmation within 14 days of the application being submitted.

A Clinic to support schools in making their School Games Mark application will take place on

Wednesday 22nd June 2016

@ Millway Primary School

4.00pm - 5.30pm

Anyone is welcome to attend - to book a place please go to; https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/school-games-mark-clinic-tickets-25797271333

Partnership Awards Evening - Shortlist announced

Tue, 31 May 2016 19:03

On Tuesday 12th July 2016, Northampton Academy will host the annual Enhanced Schools Partnership Awards evening. The evening rewards and celebrates teams and individuals contributions and achievements in PE and School Sport.

The Selection Panel (1 x SSM, 1 x SDO-SS, 4 x SSCo's, 1 x NSport) met on Thursday 26th May 2016 to determine the winners of each category. There were some very strong entries in all of the categories, so this made it a really hard to judge the nominations. A huge Thank You to everyone who nominated.

The shortlisted Nominees are...



Young Leader of the Year Award

All Young Leaders that were nominated

Contribution to School Sport Award

Abbie Thompson (Lings Primary)

Michael Bridgette (Blackthorn Primary)

Mr Fox (Bridgewater Primary)

Change4Life Shining Star Award

All C4L participants that were nominated

NEW Change4Life Shining Star Champion

Revealed on the night

Team of the Year

Lings Primary (New Age Kurling)

Parklands Primary (Boccia Team)

The Arbours Primary (Football Team)

Sports Performer of the Year Award

Latesha Betsy (Lings Primary)

Razvan Grumazescu (Parklands Primary)

Ruby White (Abington Vale Primary)

NEW Sports Project of the Year

Boothville Primary – Kids Marathon Club

Lings Primary – Virgin Active Inspirations Crew

Parklands Primary – Whole School Running

Most improved Sport School of the Year

Blackthorn Primary Academy

Boothville Primary School

Parklands Primary

The Arbours Primary

New Partnership with Maude Sport

Tue, 31 May 2016 18:57

Schools Discount

Northamptonshire Sport has negotiated a 20% discount fee for any School in Northamptonshire ordering equipment / goods from the Maudesport website;


The 20% discount will be applied to any purchase before the end of July 2016 when using the Promotional Code MPNSG20.

Maudesport will offer Northamptonshire Sport a rebate for all purchases made by Northamptonshire Schools. Any funds raised through this process will be invested back into PE and School Sport.

I have also provided Maudesport with a comprehensive calendar of competition for the county and they will look to offer termly offers which may help and support schools to prepare for School Games Competitions.

Northamptonshire School Games Merchandise

Maudesport have now set up our own unique area on the website to allow Staff and representative individuals and/or teams for the 2016 Summer School Games to purchase School Games customised merchandise.


Whilst parents/guardians can go on and individually purchase merchandise they will be charged an additional postage & packaging fee of £4.99.

However if a school place a bulk order, there will be a P&P fee but this will only be £4.99 for the entire order.

The website will be available for people to order merchandise from until end of July – to capture any students who may be recruited last minute or for those who miss out/undecided prior to the games.

The partnership and process will be evaluated post School Games to make a decision about options for future Winter and/or Summer Games.

Last date for orders for Thursday 7th July 2016 is Friday 17th June 2016

Northampton SSP 'Offer' launched

Tue, 31 May 2016 18:51

The Northampton School Sports Partnership, last week launched it 2016-2018 Partnership 'Offer' to primary schools. After much consultation with existing Partnership Enhanced Schools, Standard Schools and To help with consistency and Head Teachers, the offer looks exciting, challenging and will provide a wide scope of opportunities, to those schools opting to be an Enhanced School.

The Primary PE and School Sports Premium has also been confirmed until 2020. In 2017 the Government will launch a sugar tax on the soft drinks industry to try and curb childhood obesity and increase opportunities for young people to get involved in sport. It has been confirmed that the 'sugar tax' will be invested in primary sport, and early indications suggest that it is highly likely that the amount of PE and School Sport Premium funding a primary schools receives per academic year will nearly double.

Entry into Level 2 School Games Competitions is free of charge for all schools within the Partnership. The Government provides the host School (Northampton Academy) with £23,800 per year to employ a School Games Organiser (SGO) to organise and deliver a series of Level 2 School Games Competitions and other core tasks and deliverables. They do not provide any additional revenue funding.

To deliver high quality competition, which gives a positive experience, we hire fit for purpose facilities, purchase equipment (which is available for schools to loan at no charge) to deliver the competition programme and purchase medals and print certificates to reward and recognise the efforts of young people at our competitions, we have to ask schools to contribute to these costs – we are allowed to ask for these contributions without our grant agreement.

The Partnership is offering schools the opportunity to opt in at one of two levels;

Standard School Offer (£150.00)

This offer contains a basic level of engagement with the Partnership and its core staff. There is no dedicated School Sport Coordinator linked to this offer.

Enhanced School Offer (£3250.00)

This offer contains a comprehensive programme of opportunities for your pupils, staff and school as a whole. Through this programme your school will be linked to a dedicated School Sports Coordinator (SSCo) one day a week based at a Secondary School.

'Bolt On' Service

The Partnership will organise a variety of workshops and training opportunities to upskill and develop both staff and pupils. All Schools have the opportunity to buy these services – discounts will be offered to Enhanced Schools. The workshops are still being finalised but will be announced shortly.

Level 2 KS1 Multiskill Festival

Mon, 30 May 2016 20:25

On Friday 27th April 2016, the Partnership hosted an Enhanced Schools KS1 Multiskill Festival - non enhanced schools could also access this competition via the virtual link we set up.

Young Leaders from Northampton Academy had undertaken training for the competition from Northamptonshire Sport during the Easter Holidays so were well prepared for the event, and on the day did an excellent job managing a team, explaining and demonstrating each station and keep team morale high. However we were not prepared for the weather...I think the experienced all four seasons in one day, but the pupils coped very well and the smiles and laughter I could here and see demonstrated just how much enjoyment they were having.


1st: Abington Vale Primary School

2nd: Ecton Brook Primary School

3rd: Cedar Road Primary School

Level 2 Year 3/4 Mini Red Tennis Competition

Mon, 30 May 2016 20:06

On Wednesday 23rd May 2016 Northampton Lawn Tennis Club and Dallington Lawn Tennis Club kindly hosted our Level 2 Year 3/4 Mini Red Tennis Competition, with 18 schools participating across the two sites.

In April 12 Young Leaders from The Duston School undertook a 3 hour Tennis Leaders workshop to up skill them to confidently and competently officiate the Level 2 School Games competition. To support them in applying the knowledge they had learnt during their workshop, they officiated a small friendly Tennis Tournament at Dallington Lawn Tennis Club, which they all handled really well. They were well prepared for Level 2 Competition and did a superb job officiating all the games in the tournament - this was a great help to the teachers who were able to focus on ensuring their players were well organised.

Results - Northampton Lawn Tennis Club

1st: Weston Favell Primary School*

2nd: Lings Primary School

3rd: Abington Vale Primary School

Results - Dallington Lawn Tennis Club

1st: Millway Primary School*

2nd: Queen Eleanor Primary School

3rd: East Hunsbury Primary School


01604 366 976

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