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Level 2 Year 5/6 Quadkids Athletics Competition

Fri, 26 May 2017 09:43

On Wednesday 24th May just less that 290 Year 5/6 pupils competed in the annual Year 5/6 Quadkids Athletics Competition at the new athletics track at Moulton College, fighting for a place at the Level 3 Summer School Games on Thursday 6th July 2017. Once again the quality of performances was at an incredibly high level, and the behaviour and sportsmanship was also on par. Congratulations to all that competed, and despite the rather warm weather, you all should be very proud of your achievements.

Team Results

1st Cedar Road Primary 1761 points*

2nd Millway Primary 1723 points*

3rd Abington Vale Primary 1533 points*

*Schools qualify for the Level 3 Summer School Games – capacity has increased to 3 schools per SSP this year

Individual Results


1st Alice (Cedar Road) 249 points

2nd Shanice (Cedar Road) 241 points

3rd Molly (Millway) 221 points


1st Reuben (Cedar Road) 256 points

2nd Kaih (Millway) 248 points

3rd Felix (Thorplands) 246 points

A full set of results can be found in the attached document

Level 2 Year 4/5 Take 6 MIni Basketball Competition

Fri, 12 May 2017 09:01

Over several evenings 22 teams have competed in the Yr 4/5 Take 6 Mini Basketball Level 2 School Games competitions at Abbeyfield School, The Duston School and Weston Favell Academy. During the preparation for the competitions Young Leaders from each of these secondary schools received training from Martin Spencer, lead officer for Mini Basketball England.

The quality of the competitions yet again increased from previous years, and the preparation and determination from the players is testament to this.

Delapare Primary, Abington Vale Primary, Millway Primary, Earl Spencer Primary, The Good Shepherd Primary and Thorplands Primary were cluster winners and went on to play a final round of games to determine the overall winner and runners up to represent the Partnership at the Level 3 Summer School Games. All the teams played incredibly well and there were some hard fought matches played.

Thanks to all the Young Leaders from Abbeyfield School and The Duston School - you did a great job and should be really proud of your efforts.


1st: Delapre Primary School*

2nd: Millway Primary School*

3rd: Thorplands Primary School

*Schools quality for the Level 3 Summer School Games

2017 Young Leaders Conference

Mon, 08 May 2017 19:35

On Friday 28th April 2017, 120 Enhanced School Year 5 pupils attended the annual Young Leaders Conference. The theme for this year's conference was '60 Active Minutes', a target which has emerged from the recent release of the national Obesity Strategy. The conference provided pupils with a practical experience where they were exposed to a variety of Change4Life activities and pupils were challenged on how these games could be made harder/easier and how they could be adapted to be played at home with family members and friends. The afternoon session focused on how to set up successful Change4Life Sports Clubs at their own school, challenged the pupils to design their own games to be played at home and at school – there were some fantastic ideas, and for them to understand their role as a Change4Life Champion. The newly designed activities will be collated and shared with all the Enhanced Schools for them to share with their leaders and used as a tool to encourage greater participation in physical activity at home.

At the conference we were joined by Alistair Patrick-Heselton, a Change4Life and Sky Sports Living for Sport Ambassador. Alistair opened the conference with a very motivational and inspirational speech, sharing his sports journey after being involved in a very serious car accident. Throughout the day Alistair worked with each group, checking and challenging their understanding of the programme and making them think about their role back in their school and how they can make a real difference.

Secondary Sports Leaders Conference 2

Wed, 19 Apr 2017 16:12

On Friday 31st March 2017 Malcolm Arnold kindly hosted the second Secondary Sports Leaders Conference of the year, Abbeyfield, Kingsthorpe College, Malcolm Arnold, Northampton Academy and The Duston School all attending.

During the morning the secondary leaders were mentored by qualified and experienced coaches in one of the following sports; Multiskill, Tennis, Netball and Cricket, up skilling them to be able to confidently and competently deliver a warm and skill based activity session.

For the afternoon session 120 Year 4-6 pupils were invited from Kingsthorpe Grove, Kings Heath and Spring Lane Primary Schools to be taught by the Secondary Leaders, ensuring the leaders were able to apply and deliver what they had learnt during the morning session.

Every session that was lead by a group of leaders was outstanding - their quality of delivery, their social interaction and engagement of pupils in fun and enjoyable sessions was fantastic.

Well done to all the leaders who attend and thank again to Malcolm Arnold Academy for host the event.

Healthy Schools Week

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 12:33

Healthy Schools Week is back this year and will challenge primary school children across the county to take a journey around the world.

Healthy Schools Week 2017 is a countywide opportunity for all of our primary schools to celebrate and promote children's health and wellbeing by engaging in some of our many school and home based fun activities, competitions and events. There will also be the opportunity to access a whole host of resources for you to keep and use throughout the school year. The team will be out and about during the week joined by some of our county's delegates and VIPs. We will be visiting many schools to see how they are celebrating and also seeing a selection of schools who will be showcasing their best practice in children's health and wellbeing.

The week will close at Brixworth Country Park where schools are invited to attend a free orienteering event in the beautiful surroundings of the Brixworth where they will be challenged to hunt for clues and solve different challenges.

To find out more about Healthy Schools Week 2017 and to register your school go to



Level 2 KS2 Inclusive Goalball Competition

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 12:13

On Wednesday 28th February 2017 the KS2 Goalball Level 2 Competition took place at Duston Sports Centre. The nature of the competition means that there is very little atmosphere during the games as all competitors have to remain silent to allow those playing their games to be able to hear the jiggle ball effectively. All the competitors complied without fail to our request for silence during the games - this was a remarkable achievement by all.

Again it was obvious that any of the schools had adequately prepared their pupils for the competition having given them coaching in skills development and game play. This contributed to the quality and flow of the competition.

The competition results were

1st: Weston Favell Primary School*

2nd: Queen Eleanor Primary Academy*

3rd: Boothville Primary School

*School qualify for the Level 3 Summer School Games

Year 5/6 Waterpolo Festival

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 12:08

Monday 27th March 2017 saw the partnership's first Water Polo festival take place at Northampton School for Boys; the event was hosted and run by Northampton School for Boys and supported by Northampton Water Polo club.

The schools that participated in the Level 2 School Games Swimming Gala in December 2016 were invited to select a squad of 8 players to attend the festival.

For many of the 10 teams that participated, this was their first experience of Water Polo. The players were able to learn basic skills during the warm up and 'training session' ahead of participating in non-competitive matches.

The event was very successful, with many positive comments from players and staff alike who thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

All players received certification for their attendance and a flyer inviting them to a session at the Water Polo club.

Level 2 Year 3/4 Tri-Golf Festival

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 11:52

On Wednesday 29th April 2017 Brampton Heath Golf Club and Collingtree Golf Club kindly lent us their facilities to host our Year 3/4 Tri-Golf Festivals. The demand for entering this competition, this year meant we had to add in an additional competition, so we delivered three competitions on one day!

It was great to see that the majority of school participating in the competition had taken the time to prepare and allow their pupils to practice in advance of competing, as this again raised the standard and flow of the competition.

We were very grateful to the young leaders from Kingsthorpe College and Northampton School for Boys who had undertook a two hour Golf Foundation training workshop prior to officiating at both the competitions - this enabled a more consistent and fairer approach to scoring the stations within the competition.

The results for the competition are

1st: Abington Vale Primary School*

2nd: Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School*

3rd: Blackthorn Primary School

*Schools will compete at the Level 3 Summer School Games

Year 4/5/6 Able & Talented Multiskill Academy - Session 3

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 11:25

Date: Tuesday 4th April 2017

Venue: Northampton Academy

Year 4 Participation: 18 pupils

Year 5 participation: 10 pupil

Year 6 participation: 9 pupils

Activity 1: 'Design a Game'

Teacher in Charge: Natalie

Pupils were introduced to the concept of the STEP Principle; a simple process used to aid young leaders/people to deliver simple and effective activity sessions. The pupils were split into 6 groups of 6 pupils and given an assortment of equipment – the pupils were asked to work as a team to devise a game using the equipment they had been given. There were some great games developed. The pupils were further challenged to amend their games to make them easier and harder – there were again some great ideas developed in each group.

Multi-Ability Cogs: Social, Cognitive & Creative

Activity 2: Tri-Golf or Netball

Teacher in charge: Tri-Golf: Andy Cavill & Netball: Judy Stone

Tri-Golf: Pupils were introduced to the putting and chipping strokes. The strokes were progressed through a variety of games and activities, before the pupils were split into groups and given task cards. The task cards were taken from the School Games competition format and the pupils were asked to refer to the cards and set up the equipment accordingly, and understand the rules surrounding the task. Each group had to present their station, whilst the other groups had the opportunity to compete (Team Natalie v's Team Andy). Each group did a great job setting up each station whilst the appointed leader did an exceptional job explaining the task in hand. The session was enjoyed by all. Special mention to Team Andy who won the competition 3-1!

Multi-Ability Cogs: Personal, Cognitive & Physical

Netball: The purpose of this session wasn't to just play games of netball, but to break the game down and explore the skill components of the games; footings, types of passes, defending, attacking. The session was a delivered at a really high pace and the pupils covered an awful amount in a 2 hour period. The style of delivery involved a lot of group work, taking roles in leading tasks by feeding balls and organising groups during mini tasks. One of the groups moved away from using a netball to use a Rugby ball to demonstrate that it doesn't matter what the shape of the ball is the same game principle can still be applied. Both groups worked really hard in this session and gained a lot from it. Pupils need to continue to reflect on this session and determine what other sports and activities they can now be applied to.

Multi-Ability Cogs: Physical, Cognitive, Social

Activity 3: Multi-ability Circuits & Lacrosse or Netball

Teacher in charge: Multi-abilities/Lacrosse: Steve Jones & Netball: Judy Stone

Netball: As above

Multi-abilities & Lacrosse: During the afternoon session of the Able & Talented Day, 18 pupils created their own Grand Prix Circuit Warm-Up that included a variety of exercises taken from the Create Development FUNS cards (realPE). Firstly, the children designed and laid out a 200 metre track using flat cones that incorporated a series of twists and turns to create some variety whilst moving. Then in teams of 3, they were asked to make up one of their own conditioning exercises from the 12 ABC themes-Agility, Balance & Coordination taken from realPE. This was then integrated into the GP Circuit at regular intervals around the track providing challenge to runners as the progressed around the circuit. Very little information was provided by the Instructor and the pupils were expected to use the following multi-ability skills (MA's) to fulfil the task; Creative, Cognitive, Personal and Social

Each group then demonstrated and explained the exercise to the rest of the group. It is clear that these MA skills are well developed in most of the group with some taking more leadership responsibility than others. The other half of the group would be invited to practice the GP Circuit at the end of the day.

The rest of the 2 hour session was taken up introducing the alternative sport of Lacrosse. Pupils were asked to practice passing/receiving and shooting skills before playing an adapted game. Teams were asked to consider creating space (aliens) and avoiding bunching (bananas) during the game-themes replicated throughout all 'invasion' games. The game was conditioned to ensure that most players were involved in the game but inevitably the older year groups had a distinct advantage.

Multi-Ability Cogs: Physical, Creative, Cognitive & Social


Despite the smaller numbers attending today's session, the pupils worked at very high pace throughout the day and no one could fault their determination and enthusiasm to succeed despite probably becoming quite tired by the end of the day. It is important that the pupils continue to reflect on what they learn at each session and they start to consider where else, in a sports environment, they would be able to transfer the skills they learn during the Able & Talented Multiskills sessions.


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