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What is Jog Northants

Jog Northants is a countywide programme aimed at helping beginners start jogging. We are proud to offer over 50 jogging groups throughout Northamptonshire to help those who are new to running or have not exercises in a long time.

All the groups start with a mixture of walking and jogging and are a great way to get fit without having to spend a lot of money. All the groups are led by qualified and insured leaders who orgnise the route, meeting place and office help and guidance to help achieve your goals.

There are many groups to suit all requirements, weather you want a little help to get started, want the safety of a group run, want to train for a Race for Life/similar or just a bit of a natter whilst getting active.

Running, especially fun running, is very much a mixed activity and anyone who wants to run, can. Age or fitness isn't a barrier and with guidance, neither is health.

It's recognised as one of the best activities for managing your weight, but benefits also include stress reduction, better heart and lung function, reduced blood pressure, protection against some cancers and an aid to prevention of osteoporosis in some bones.

With Jog Northants everyone has the opportunity to get active and begin running for fun and fitness. We want you to enjoy getting fit, have fun and make new friends with us in a safe, friendly environment - regardless of your age, shape, size or ability.

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2. Search Jogging Groups Near You and expression of interest form

3. Comments from Group Members

4. Comments from Group Leaders

5. Become a Jog Leader or an Assistant Jog Leader

6. Workplace Jogging Groups


1. Become a Member - For FREE!

The Jog Northants programme has over 50 beginner jogging groups that operate from community's, schools, weight loss clubs, athletics clubs, leisure centre's and workplaces. All the groups are led by qualified and insured leaders who encourage anyone to join their group regardless of age, gender, ability and fitness.

All participants are asked to complete a disclaimer form to hand to the group leader on their first session. To download the disclaimer click on one of the links below:

Jog Northants Disclaimer (Word)


2. Search Jogging Groups Near You

Click here to search for jogging groups near you.

Click here to complete an Expression of Interest Form and we will contact you shortly

3. Comments from Group Members:

"It is an easily affordable form of exercise"

"I think the programme is great. When I started I couldn't run for 30 seconds and now I'm close to 30 minutes!"

"I'm really enjoying being part of the Jog Northants Programme. It's nice to meet up with like minded people and I'mreally enjoying taking part regularly in races"

"Really enjoying it so far (am new!) Also the other Run England group I jog with - they have worked a miracle getting me running (5 miles maximum to date!)"

"This running group has helped me go from not being able to run to completing a 5K race in 33 minutes. I am really pleased with my progress and hope to do a 10K race next year"

"I joined the group about a year ago. Never ran before and bit scared initially. I could only run for 30 seconds and then stop. Now I run 5K. I also suffered with high blood pressure since I started running this has gone back to normal and I feel great!!"

"I progressed to running 1 mile within 4 weeks and lost ½ stone in weight"

"Completed the10K and have never felt better"

"I joined after not doing any form of exercise for about 5 years, I am not a natural runner and I find it very hard but I love it. The group are a great bunch of ladies; the leaders are very supportive and great fun"


4. Comments from Group Leaders:

"Lead the group, very inspiring seeing new runners getting into running" - Rushden Runners

"I run a group on Friday mornings. Great way to meet people and help people reach their goals and improve fitness" - Towcester Centre for Leisure


5. Become a Jog Leader or an Assistant Jog Leader

Would you like to help out with a jogging group or even start your own? There are two courses available for people who would like to get involved with the Jog Northants programme and help beginners start running:


Leadership in Running Fitness Course:

This is a one day nationally recognised course accredited by UK Athletics. The course will cover session ideas, training plans, and injuries and will qualify and insure leaders to lead a jogging group. The course which has been accredited by UK Athletics is aimed at those who want to start leading their own jogging groups.

By the end of the course you will be issued with a leader ID card and will confidently be able to deliver fun and safe sessions to groups of various abilities.

Date: Saturday 1st March 2014

Time: 9am - 5pm

Venue: Caroline Chisholm School, Wooldale Centre for Learning, Wooldale Road, Northampton, NN4 6TP

Cost: £150. £55 of the course cost can be reimbursed upon starting a Jog Northants group.

To find out when the next course will be, please contact:  / 01604 366752


Assistant Jog Leader Course:

This course aims to help people become part of the Jog Northants programme by assisting with a current group. After the course, assistant leaders will be able to take warm-ups and assist a leader but will not be insured to deliver a session without a leader present.

The course covers an overview of the Jog Northants programme, barriers to running, the role of a leader and assistant leader, factors to consider when leading a group and warm-up games.

Date: Saturday 18th January 2014,

Time: 10:00am - 1:30pm

Venue: TBC

Cost : £10 - this will be refunded if you assist with a group after the course 

To Book:

6. Workplace Jogging Groups

We are looking to develop more jogging groups within local workplaces in Northamptonshire to help employees get fit and healthy.

If your organisation would be interested in setting up a jogging group within your workplace at minimal or no cost to your business, please download the Workplace Jogging Group

Starter Pack below to choose an option to suit you. We can supply a leader free of charge to lead these groups or we can help identify and train a member of staff to lead a group themselves.

Workplace Jogging Group Starter Pack

Workplace Challenge Information